A Thanksgiving Giveaway: Festive Name Cards and My Favorite Black Dinnerware

A Thanksgiving Giveaway: Festive Name Cards and My Favorite Black Dinnerware

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Thanksgiving is just a few days away! I am so excited to bring you an exciting giveaway in honor of this holiday. For my fall giveaway I will be choosing one lucky winner to receive a set of these six black plates. BUT, all of you will win these cute name cards that I will be sending out tomorrow in an email. All you have to do to enter is type in your name and email here. If you’re already a member, you don’t need to do a thing! You are automatically entered in all of my giveaways. For extra entries, head over to my Instagram and tell me your favorite Thanksgiving tradition or how you will be celebrating this year.

So let’s say you don’t win the giveaway, but still want to get this look for your upcoming holiday parties. I’ve selected super affordable items to give your table a festive look at an affordable cost. The black plates and gold cups are under $5, and the gold flatware is on sale.

Glass and Gold Cup / Large Black Plate / Small Black Plate / Gold Flatware / Garland / Linen Napkin

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

A Casual Thanksgiving: What I’m Wearing

A Casual Thanksgiving: What I’m Wearing



Outfit Details:

/ Knit Sweater (in 4 colors!) / Gold / Cranberry / Black / Gray /

/ Jeans /

/ Blush Backpack /

/ Boots Similar 1 / Similar 2 /

I’ll never forget the day I cried myself silly because my mom had me wear a velvet dress with puffed sleeves to a Christmas party. Facepalm. So pathetic! I was that little girl that wanted to wear jeans and a tee with a slicked back pony tail. No bumps! Casual has always been my jam. To this day I still prefer a casual style with just a touch of glam. And also sans the slicked back pony tail. Sure I hop on board for a few fashion trends, but for the most part you’ll find me in my favorite jeans and a tee or cozy sweater.

When I went to the mall a few days ago looking for an outfit to wear on Thanksgiving, I had every intention of finding the perfect sweater dress and knee-high boots. I actually found both of those, but ultimately ended up sticking to my roots. I simply could not pass up this amazing sweater. Good Lordy it’s a good one! Did I mention it comes in four colors? I’ll take one of each. Check please. This Thanksgiving I’ll be pairing it with my favorite jeans, booties, and this blush backpack. Why hold your purse when you can wear it? That’s casual at its finest.

Let’s be twins! You still have time to order one before Thanksgiving. And if not Thanksgiving, this sweater comes in a gorgeous cranberry, black, and gray that would be so beautiful for the holidays.

My casual Thanksgiving outfit:

Other amazing finds from my shopping trip:

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


A Weekend in Boise, Idaho

A Weekend in Boise, Idaho

If I were to offer you an all expenses paid vacation OR an all expenses paid home renovation, which would you choose? I hate to admit I would choose a free home renovation more times than not. Getting away from home can be challenging! Challenging to find the time and money to break free from routine and set out on an adventure.

Last weekend Jordan and I met up with family in Idaho, and I was reminded of just how valuable vacations are! I was in heaven being with our family surrounded by the most gorgeous fall landscape. Life truly is about the people you love, the places you go, and the memories you make. I’m already ready to go back!

I’m sharing all of my outfit details below, including my all-time favorite jeans, a $20 pair of loafers that come in black and gray, my go-to winter jacket, the coziest sweater of all time, and other cold weather essentials. Click on the pink text or small product photos below to shop! Don’t forget to pin your favorites! 🙂

Sweater (similar) / Jeans / Beanie (similar)
Sweater (similar) / Jeans / Shoes / Jacket

Sweater / Jeans / Boots (similar) / Flannel (similar)

Jeans / Jacket / Shoes / Sweater (similar)

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Accessories & Outerwear

Jordan’s Outfit

My Holiday Haul: How I’m Decorating For Christmas This Year

My Holiday Haul: How I’m Decorating For Christmas This Year
Cover Photo Source

Decorating for the holidays… it’s sort of like the Super Bowl of interior design enthusiasts. Saying that I look forward to it every year would be the understatement of the century. And I know I’m not alone because the second Halloween was over it became Christmas! No, seriously. Two of my neighbors put up their Christmas lights, and so it’s officially Christmas in my neighborhood. Not even mad about it!

While decorating for the holidays can be enjoyable, it may also leave your wallet feeling a bit barren. I would know! I loaded up my online shopping cart the other night with the most beautiful Christmas selections for our home. When I saw the total came to over $400, I knew those items wouldn’t be leaving that cart! After all, it was all just decor! I hadn’t even purchased my tree yet!

It was at that point I decided to shop around a bit and look for other, more affordable options that would give my home the feel I’m looking for this Christmas. Here are the inspiration photos I used this year as a starting point for my purchases. As you can see, it’s a neutral color pallet that mixes dark and light tones, as well as painted and natural finishes. I can’t wait for all the products to arrive in the mail! It’s going to be like Christmas morning all throughout November! 🙂 

I hope you find something you like! If you do, you can shop the products by clicking on the small photos below. Happy Shopping!

The Christmas Tree

Photo Source

Home Accents

Photo Source 1 / Photo Source 2 / Photo Source 3

Holiday Dining Essentials

Photo Source

Gift Wrap

Photo Source

And that’s a wrap! Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to read. I hope you enjoy decorating your home for the holidays, and that this post might help you do just that. 🙂 

5 Tips for Creating a Festive Fall Tablescape

5 Tips for Creating a Festive Fall Tablescape

Isn’t fall such a festive time of year? Halloween has come and gone which means we are heading straight into the holiday season. I know what you’re thinking… CHRISTMAS IS COMING! But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s not forget about Thanksgiving… and fall in general! I recently had a few friends over for a dinner party, so I took the liberty of creating a festive fall tablescape. Today I’m sharing all of my dining table essentials with you. All of these items would be great for Thanksgiving dinner or even upcoming Christmas parties! Here are my top tips for styling your table to perfection.


1. Invest in a Quality Dining Set

Let’s face it. You spend lots of time at the dining table, why not enjoy your meals on one you love? Ours is from West Elm and comes in a large and smaller size. Our chairs are a total steal of a deal and compliment so many different table styles. Here are a few of my other favorite dining table combos.

2. Pair Pretty Florals With Eye-Catching Vases

I went with eucalyptus, mums, and white roses. This is my version of a modern, fall color scheme! Throw it all together in a pretty vase and your friends will be convinced that you’re a legit florist.

3. Lighten Things up with Gorgeous Linens

This white runner is from Pottery Barn. Talk about timeless and perfect for every season! I’m also a huge fan of linen placements and tablecloths. They are all a prefect way to add depth and texture to your tablescape.

4. Get Fancy With Your Flatware

My advice? Leave your everyday flatware right where it is… in the drawer! Opt for a more festive and fancy version. There are so many pretty options that will make your friends feel like they’re dining with royalty. I swear food tastes better when I’m eating it with our gold flatware! (Side note: I recently packed one of our golden spoons in my lunch for work. My students caught one glimpse of it, and they’re convinced I’m the richest teacher alive! Ha!)

5. Dare to be Different With Your Dinnerware

Who needs glass cups when you can drink from a Moscow mule mug? These mugs add such flare to the tablescape and help tie in the flatware and florals. Our plates are from Pottery Barn and have a very crafted and original look about them. They almost look and feel as if they were made by a local artisan!

Not sure what to wear? Here’s what I wore!

I’m so excited for the upcoming holidays and can’t wait to throw another dinner party just so I can decorate the table again. Anyone else think that’s the best part?! Well, enjoying dinner with some of my favorite friends isn’t so bad either 😉 My final suggestion? When your friends offer to help you clean up the dishes afterward… LET THEM. My sweet friends saved my booty hours worth of cleanup. It was a lot faster and more enjoyable doing cleanup together!

Have a great rest of your week. Make sure you message me photos of your pretty tablescapes this holiday season! I want to see them all! 🙂






Apple Picking in Oak Glen

Apple Picking in Oak Glen
Outfit Details:

Sweater, Plaid Scarf, Jeans, Boots

What would fall be without an annual trip to the apple orchard? This is a tradition my family has been doing since I was a little girl, and I look forward to it every year! The crisp air, warm cider, fresh donuts, colorful leaves, and making memories with family are on the top of a long list of things I love most about visiting the apple orchard. But another thing I REALLY look forward to? Finally wearing fall clothes. Bring on the boots, sweaters, and scarves! Color coordination is a must. Don’t even think about wearing pink… gotta get that Christmas card photo! 😉

Orange County will be hitting high temperatures today. We’re talkin’ over 100 degrees people. So not cool! Needless to say I enjoyed my one day of fall weather while we were at the orchard. I took full advantage of the outing by purchasing a new sweater and scarf. I’m loving this look for fall, but it will be perfect all throughout the holiday season as well!

Shop the Look

For the Girls
For the Guys

What are some of your favorite fall traditions? I would love to hear them in the comments below! 🙂

Happy fall ya’ll.






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A Modern Fireplace Makeover

A Modern Fireplace Makeover
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For the past two years I battled with myself over the design of our fireplace. We have an original brick fireplace in our main living room that I’ve wanted to paint white since the day we moved in! Coming to a decision about painting it or not proved to be quite a challenge. I mean honestly, an embarrassing amount of stress went into this decision. But painting brick is a very permanent decision that cannot be undone easily, so I really needed to make sure it’s what I wanted before going through with it! Turned out to be worth the risk because I could not be happier with the end result! Here is what our fireplace looks like now.

And here is what it looked like just one week ago.



Natural Decor

Vases and Pottery

To update our fireplace I had the inside and outside of our fireplace and cabinetry professionally painted, removed the fireplace surround, and had the supports on our mantel removed to create one solid beam. This project could definitely be done as a DIY if you have the time to devote to it, but in the end I decided to have it done professionally as it’s the focal point of our home and I wanted to make sure it was done well! 

Here is what our painter did:

Step 1: Clean the Brick

Clean brick with a stiff bristle brush, trisodium phosphate, and a shop-vac. Allow brick to dry completely.

Step 2: Prime the Brick

Prime the brick with 1-2 coats white primer. Be sure to use an oil-based primer to protect the brick from stains. Use a roller for the faces of the bricks and a brush to work the paint into the brick and grout.  

Step 3: Paint the Brick

Paint the brick until desirable coverage is reached. Use an indoor latex paint. Our painter used a sprayer, roller, and also painted by hand to work the paint into the brick and grout. We used a matte finish on the sides and top portion of the fireplace, but painted a semi-gloss finish on the hearth. 

Step 4: Paint the Firebox

We simply used a high heat resistant spray paint for the interior portion of our fireplace. Now, I must caution you! If you use your fireplace often, you may want to consider leaving the firebox unfinished. We live in California where it’s a bajillion degrees year-round, so our fireplace doesn’t get much use. For that reason, I felt comfortable painting the firebox as it’s mostly just for aesthetics! 

Step 5: Helpful Tips

Once you are painting on your last coat, use a roller to smooth out the paint, giving it a nice, smooth finish. 

Let the fireplace dry for at least three days before use.

Purchase felt pads for your cabinet doors if you painted your cabinetry. This will keep the doors from sticking and ruining the paint!

I couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out. Our space feels so much brighter and cleaner! My advice to anyone who is thinking of painting their brick? Go for it! 😉 All sources listed below.

Brick Primer

Brick Matte Paint

Brick and Cabinet Semi Gloss Paint

Black High Heat Resistant Paint (for inside of the fireplace)

Polka Dot Print and Frame: Similar 1Similar 2Similar 3 – Similar 4Similar 5 – Similar 6

Picasso Face Print

Gold Frame

Modern Line Art

White Frame

Black Frame

White Pottery

Real Eucalyptus

Faux Eucalyptus

Real Olive Stem

Faux Olive Stem

Brushed Nickel Fan – Option 2 

White Birch Logs






Budget Friendly Shopbop Sale Items

Budget Friendly Shopbop Sale Items

Photo Source

Photo Source

Photo Source

Does taking one look at these closet organization inspirations make you want to bomb your whole wardrobe and start with a clean slate? Yeah. Me too. I used to be a serial “cute top” shopper. Buying all the cute tops that crossed my path. Problem is a cute top here, cute top there turns into one big closet full of “cute tops” that never really get worn after their initial debut. I’m happy to report I’m a changed woman now. No more “cute tops” for me! I search high and low for the most quality, classic pieces that will stand the test of time. I’ve narrowed down the cuts, colors, and fabrics that I love and stick with those!

This brings me to the Shopbop sale that’s going on as we speak. Shopbop is an online marketplace dedicated to selling the most quality, name brand clothing. While these pieces have a reputation for their high cost, I’ve searched the sale to bring you my top picks that are all at a fair price. Most all of the pieces I’ve selected are under or around $100. Tack on the 20% OFF SITEWIDE discount and you can consider yourself one lucky shopper on their way to a dream wardrobe. Join me in my quest for a dreamy, minimalist wardrobe by shopping my selections below! Simply click on the photos to shop!

Use code EOTS17 for 20-25% off all items!









Fall Home Tour

Fall Home Tour


Fall. Is. Here! They say that true happiness comes from within. I suggest that true happiness comes from within the months of September-December ;). Pumpkin candles, cozy sweaters, and crisp air are among the many mood boosters that come with this new season. I know so many of you have been busy “fall-ifying” your homes, and I am loving all the seasonal decor! This year I have kept things simple by adding new artwork, candles, greenery, and neutral pumpkins in an attempt to embrace the season with simplicity. Which leads me to… the Beauty in Simplicity Fall Home Tour!

I have teamed up with five other bloggers to bring you simple fall design inspiration that will be sure to knock your socks off. Those warm, fuzzy, fall socks you got on. Yeah, those ones. So grab a PSL and enjoy the tour! If you scroll through to the bottom of my post you will find links to all the other talented bloggers. Make sure to check them out for more inspiration!

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Next up in the Beauty in Simplicity Fall Home Tour is Rachel Elizabeth! Head on over to check out all of her beautiful, simple fall decor. Make sure to visit the other talented bloggers who have joined me on this fall home tour! Here they are:





As always, thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and visit halfwaywholeistic.com. It means so much! Cheers to fall!



Affordable Abstract Art

Affordable Abstract Art

I just love a good piece of art. It pulls a room together and adds character to your space! While choosing art for your home can be a bit intimidating, the good news is that you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for a gorgeous piece of artwork! Recently, I purchased my first oversized piece of art, and it has me inspired to add more throughout our home. Today I’m sharing my favorite paintings and prints that are both beautiful and affordable! Go big and grace your walls with something fabulous, or keep it small and update your frames with something simple yet unique. No matter what size you choose, each of these prints will be sure to add style to your space.

Shop the artwork and decor you see in this post by click on the icons and photos below!