You know those days when you’re trying to find something to wear, and it’s just not working out? Trying on one outfit leads to another, then another, and another, and the end result is nothing but a pile of clothes on your bed, or floor for that matter. Not to mention your husband is standing in the doorway, staring at you, making you feel like a crazy person for not being able able to pick out an outfit from your overly stuffed closet. Call it a first world problem, I know, but there’s nothing that stresses me out more than being rushed. I find myself in this predicament all too often, and have finally come up with a solution… CHAMBRAY.

When all else fails and your closet just isn’t working with you, chambray is the answer. It can be dressed up or down, play the part of boho or chic, be worn in all seasons, and is flattering on just about everyone. It’s a go-to outfit of mine that saves me on those “heap of clothes on the bed” kind of days. I found six fabulous chambray shirts that are sure to be there for you in your time of need. Hope you love them as much as I do!

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