Happy Friday, everyone! Thanks for stopping by to check out my new work space. I am excited to show you my new favorite spot to work from home! My days of sitting on the couch with my laptop are behind me. This desk space is kicking my productivity into gear, and more importantly, the big, empty space in my living room has been filled! I spent many days (a year and a half to be exact) staring at this blank space in our living room wondering what in the world to put here. After a long stint of designers block it hit me. Praise. I’m loving the look and functionality of this new space!

The clean lines of the desk and chair flow perfectly into our living area without looking like to much of an “office”. The lampclock, and artwork add just a bit of texture to break up some of the white. And that rug. Initially I didn’t have a rug in this space, but I moved our morrocan shag rug from another room and it fits perfectly. 


Thanks again for stopping by! Happy almost weekend!