If I told you Abercrombie was having a sale what would be your reaction? I’m assuming you would do one of two things. You would either raise your eyebrows at me in question of why on earth I was telling you about a sale going on at a teeny bopper store, OR you would head over and check it out because you admit their clothes are quite adorable regardless of that early 2000s stigma that goes along with the name. I for one LOVE their clothes and think stores beloved by my 12 year old self (Abercrombie and Old Navy to name a few) don’t get quite as much attention as they should. I’m all about texture and quality over brand, and the fabrics used for Abercrombie clothes top the charts in my opinion! So, if I’ve convinced you that Abercrombie isn’t just for teeny boppers, check out my favorite picks from the sale that’s going on now! Be sure to use code 11017 for an extra 30% OFF YOUR ENTIRE PURCHASE! 


Hope you found something you like! I have a few of these items already and they are among my most prized pieces in my closet. Have a great weekend, friends!