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Does taking one look at these closet organization inspirations make you want to bomb your whole wardrobe and start with a clean slate? Yeah. Me too. I used to be a serial “cute top” shopper. Buying all the cute tops that crossed my path. Problem is a cute top here, cute top there turns into one big closet full of “cute tops” that never really get worn after their initial debut. I’m happy to report I’m a changed woman now. No more “cute tops” for me! I search high and low for the most quality, classic pieces that will stand the test of time. I’ve narrowed down the cuts, colors, and fabrics that I love and stick with those!

This brings me to the Shopbop sale that’s going on as we speak. Shopbop is an online marketplace dedicated to selling the most quality, name brand clothing. While these pieces have a reputation for their high cost, I’ve searched the sale to bring you my top picks that are all at a fair price. Most all of the pieces I’ve selected are under or around $100. Tack on the 20% OFF SITEWIDE discount and you can consider yourself one lucky shopper on their way to a dream wardrobe. Join me in my quest for a dreamy, minimalist wardrobe by shopping my selections below! Simply click on the photos to shop!

Use code EOTS17 for 20-25% off all items!