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/ Knit Sweater (in 4 colors!) / Gold / Cranberry / Black / Gray /

/ Jeans /

/ Blush Backpack /

/ Boots Similar 1 / Similar 2 /

I’ll never forget the day I cried myself silly because my mom had me wear a velvet dress with puffed sleeves to a Christmas party. Facepalm. So pathetic! I was that little girl that wanted to wear jeans and a tee with a slicked back pony tail. No bumps! Casual has always been my jam. To this day I still prefer a casual style with just a touch of glam. And also sans the slicked back pony tail. Sure I hop on board for a few fashion trends, but for the most part you’ll find me in my favorite jeans and a tee or cozy sweater.

When I went to the mall a few days ago looking for an outfit to wear on Thanksgiving, I had every intention of finding the perfect sweater dress and knee-high boots. I actually found both of those, but ultimately ended up sticking to my roots. I simply could not pass up this amazing sweater. Good Lordy it’s a good one! Did I mention it comes in four colors? I’ll take one of each. Check please. This Thanksgiving I’ll be pairing it with my favorite jeans, booties, and this blush backpack. Why hold your purse when you can wear it? That’s casual at its finest.

Let’s be twins! You still have time to order one before Thanksgiving. And if not Thanksgiving, this sweater comes in a gorgeous cranberry, black, and gray that would be so beautiful for the holidays.

My casual Thanksgiving outfit:

Other amazing finds from my shopping trip:

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!