I made my fair share of purchases this past year, and today I am rounding up my very favorites! According to a few statistics, these are some of YOUR favorites too, 🙂 So it’s safe to say this is OUR favorite product list for 2017! I have included a few home essentials as well as wardrobe staples that I would highly recommend. You can shop all of these products by clicking on the links or by shopping the small photos at the bottom of the post!

1. Classic White Pottery

THE. BEST. These vases are so affordable and can be used all around your home throughout the year!

2. Fine Hand Soap

I started using Murchison Hume hand soap and won’t every turn back! They have an entire line of safe cleaning products. This stuff smells and feels so amazing. As an added bonus, it’s also safe for pets and kids!

3. Loafers

Hello cozy, casual, and glamorous. Loafers are my go-to shoe. While they may be casual, they make you feel like a million bucks.

4. Pendant Floor Lamp

You know those purchases that you never grow tired of? This lamp is one of them. Its sleek style is timeless and classic. I just know I’ll love it for years to come.

5. Fine Knit Sweaters

As much as I love a chunky knit sweater, fine knit sweaters are my true love They are so affordable and comfortable. Double win!

6. Mudcloth Pillows

It was the year of mudcloth and I’m not even mad about it. I love my mudcloth pillows just as much as the day they arrived! 

Photo Source: Loom Goods

7. Pretty Artwork

I finally selected a pretty piece of art for our formal living room. So many of you have bought this piece as well, and I can see why! I also added a few smaller pieces throughout our home and I’m loving the unique character artwork adds to each space.

8. Loring Line Console and Side Table

This is hands down one of your favorites and mine! The Loring line is just beautiful. I purchased the console table and side table and think the coloring and style is juuuust right. They have tons of other furniture pieces in this line that are both gorgeous and extremely affordable. Click here to see the whole line.

8. My New Camera!

Hello pretty pictures! My new Canon 6D Mark II is a stunner. The perfect high end camera for a ‘middle of the road’ price. I also started using the 50mm lens and 28mm lens this year. They are also affordable and make such a difference in the quality of each photo!

9. Round Mirrors

I added a round brass mirror to our entryway, and a large black one to our guest bathroom. Both are very affordable and make quite the statement. 

10. My Very Favorite Levi Jeans

These. Are. So. Good. These jeans are under $100, are super cozy, and have the perfect amount of distressing! Did I mention they are super comfy? Dress them up or down to feel like a million bucks.


What are your favorite purchases of 2017? Leave a comment below or stop by on Instagram to let me know! Make sure to subscribe to stay up to date with my upcoming projects and purchases that I have planned for 2018!