Have you seen the latest and greatest that’s out at Target right now? I’m sure many of you have! I know how you love your Target runs 😉 I made a trip the other day and everything had just been restocked so I was able to see it all in person. Let me tell ya, it’s totally lived up to the hype! I can’t get over how many beautiful and affordable furniture pieces and decorative items there are. ALSO! Here’s the link to our new rug. It’s 40% off right now and such a steal!

I ended up purchasing quite a few things on my trip and styled a new seating area in our living room. Today I wanted to give you a breakdown of what I brought home and also my other favorite pieces that didn’t quite make it home with me that day (though I’m sure they will soon!).

After I shared my Target haul in my Instagram stories the other day, many of you commented about how your Target is always picked over and lacking stocked items. This is super common and makes it hard to find things in the store! Hoping today’s post can give you peace of mind about ordering online. Target has free 2-day shipping which makes things easy! Here’s what I’d recommend after seeing everything in person:

Olive Tree

This olive tree is a great purchase for a really good price. Many larger olive trees will cost much more than this one! I’d say it’s great quality and big enough to fill most spaces! If you want something taller you’ll have to splurge a bit.

Windsor Chair

I can’t say enough good things about the Windsor bench and chair. The wood tone and style are so gorgeous. Now I’m just trying to think where I could put the bench! I also purchased the magazine rack because the wood tone is the same and I couldn’t resist.

Black Accent Table

This black accent table is so sleek and stylish. perfect as a side table or even a nightstand!

Table Lamp

Isn’t she lovely? A gorgeous lamp for a great price! I love the shape, color, and how it pops against the black!

Throw Pillows + Magazine Rack

I purchased a few lumbar pillows to accent the new chairs. Target really has some pretty pillows out right now! I’ve also added a few new pillows to this room that I’m absolutely loving! And I couldn’t pass up the magazine rack since it tied in so perfectly with my new chairs.

My Other Picks

Here are a few of my other favorite things that I saw in the store!

So have you been to target lately? What are you loving? Like I said earlier, it’s hard to find stories that are fully stocked, so save yourself the headache and just order online!

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