To be honest, It seemed a little too good to be true. Surely that price point couldn’t actually deliver a quality rug worthy of becoming the focal point of our family room. I couldn’t stop thinking about it though! Whenever I’m thinking of purchasing something I often sit on it for a few days before actually moving forward. I decided to take a bit of a risk and order the rug, hoping it would look as great in person as it did online and that it would also compliment our new space well!

I ordered the 5’X7’6″ Loloi II LAYLLAY rug in the color charcoal and olive to layer over our 8X10 Annie Selke Ivory Woven rug. It only cost me $120.00 and was delivered to our house in two days. Gotta love that Prime shipping! The second I started to unroll the rug I knew it was going to be perfect. The color and pattern couldn’t be better! It provides the room with so much neutral warmth and ties in our black accents well. If you’re asking for my opinion, I think this rug is worthy of being the focal point for any room. I’m so happy I purchased it and can’t wait to finish styling our space and show you all the final reveal! I’m going to do my best to answer some FAQs and give you a glimpse of the true color of the rug as I know it can be confusing online!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the rug blue or black?

The base of the rug is blue, but does not look bright blue, or really that blue at all in person! Like I said, it ties in our black accents well and appears more black on first glance.

Is the rug shiny?

I love the way the light shines on the rug. It reflects the light well and almost becomes brighter in the sun; however, I would not say that it is a shiny rug at all. It has a very nice texture and doesn’t appear cheap.

Is the rug the same one that’s sold on McGee & Co.?

Many of you are asking if the rug listed on McGee & Co. is the same as the rug I purchased. I really don’t know the answer to this one. I’m assuming it is, but photos are deceiving and there’s no way to really know unless you were to order both and compare them side by side. When I set my photo side by side to theirs the pattern was exactly the same, just can’t be quite sure of the color. The reason I ordered this one is because it looked less blue which is what I was looking for!

What is the pile like?

The rug is thin, but not overly so. It’s about what I would expect from a rug of this style. Since I’m layering it, I actually prefer that it’s a little on the thinner side. If you want your rug to be plush and cozy, simply put a rug pad underneath.

Next Up In The Family Room

We’re still waiting on drapes, chairs, a coffee table, and the best part… maybe even new flooring in this space and throughout our hallway and bedrooms! I also think recessed lighting is in order. All of that will slowly come together, but we did get our floor lamp, sofa, and accent table in! Our sofa is the Sitka sofa from Article. We’re going to enjoy the sofa for about a week or so and then I’ll be giving you a full review, but I can tell you now it was pretty much love at first sight! The modern, clean lines and fabric color are just what I was hoping for. The lamp and accent table are from Kirkland’s and their modern farmhouse flare is the perfect compliment to the modern sofa and vintage rug. Another item I plan to add to this room eventually is a the Frame TV. Truly solves our dilemma of having a TV over our fireplace since it allows you to display artwork when you’re not watching something!

Can’t wait to continue styling this space and share the process with all of you! If you want to stay in the loop make sure to subscribe to my blog. I will send blog updates directly to your inbox so you won’t miss a thing!

Have a great weekend friends. Thanks so much for stopping by!