The Art Of Mixing Wood Tones

I get asked this about mixing wood tones all the time so I thought I would share my thoughts on this fabulous trend! I can definitely go either way when it comes to mixing wood tones. There’s something so beautifully minimalistic about a consistent wood tone throughout a home, and also something very inviting about mixed wood tones. Today I’m going to show you examples of each option and give you a few tips for achieving both looks effortlessly!

Keeping A Consistent Wood Tone

To be honest I have tried really hard to keep a consistent wood tone throughout our home, but that doesn’t mean everything is the exact same wood type! I’m drawn to light woods and love blending white oak, paulownia, and teak. This has kept our home looking very minimalistic and clean. Below are a few examples of spaces that kept a consistent, light wood tone. Notice how calming and clean the spaces feel?!

  1. Mix various wood types that have the same tone
  2. Keep paint colors subtle (I prefer white of course!)
  3. Create interest with textiles, decor, and greenery

Mixing Wood Tones

Gone are the days of a matchy matchy bedroom set. You really don’t want all the wood in your home to be exactly the same, it’s just a bit boring and lacks that custom look you’re probably going for! Mixing wood tones throughout your home is more than acceptable and actually really stunning when done properly! Here are a few inspiration images for you to pull from and three tips to get you on the right track.

  • Blend wood tones by adding in a few painted surfaces to the space
  • Purchase rugs that pull colors from each wood tone
  • Mix with metals and natural stone to break up the wood