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Spring is HERE my friends! I’m telling you, every fall I convince myself that I want to be stuck in that “cozy tea and candle” season forever, but when the spring finally arrives I always change my mind. I know many of you are still braving the last of the winter storms, but here in California that fresh-cut grass smell seems to be a little more prominent these days. Mix in the extra daylight and scent of blooming jasmine and I think I just may never come indoors.

With spring finally upon on us, I decided to tuck away the winter décor for good and brighten up the house a bit. I was trying to come up with a new centerpiece for our dining table, and came across something I just fell in love with. After searching Etsy for a while, I stumbled upon these handcrafted concrete planters from Opus Concrete and knew I had to have one! Next, I picked up a few of my favorite succulents, and within minutes I had myself a new succulent planter that will be sure to brighten our table through the spring and summer months. I’m loving the new planter on our dining table, but it really is such a  versatile piece… it could go anywhere! Moral of the story is that I would highly suggest you make one of these beauties for your home. You won’t regret it 😉

Items You’ll Need:


  • Lay down a layer of draining material at the bottom of the planter. I used dried beans!
  • Pour in some of the potting soil, just enough to cover the drainage!
  • Set each succulent in the planter, surrounding it with soil.
  • Cover up the soil with your top layer
  • You. Are. Done! Piece of cake huh?

Care and Maintenance:

  • Water your succulents once a week. I use the “mist” setting on our hose so that I don’t drown them in water.
  • Make sure they are getting lots of indirect sunlight!
  • Clean off the leaves with coconut oil once a month to make sure the dust isn’t blocking any light
  • Rotate your planter once a week to make sure all the succulent are getting equal light
  • Take your planter outside once a week to give it some fresh air and unfiltered sunshine.

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