A few weeks ago Jordan and I went to San Diego for the weekend. Every time I visit a new city I find myself completely consumed with the beauty and culture of the town. The newness seems to bring out the adventure in me and I just want to walk the streets, find the cutest places to eat, and people watch for days. This weekend I decided to try to take on that same perspective in my hometown, a place I have lived in my. entire. life. Thanks to the long weekend we drove down to the Historic Downtown Orange District this morning. I convinced myself I was a stranger in a new town and enjoyed sitting by the fountain, grabbing breakfast at a darling cafe, and strolling through the boutiques like I had tons of time to kill.

Do you guys ever find yourself being more adventurous when you travel or visit a new place? What are some ways you keep things new and exciting in your hometown? I tend to go to the same restaurants over and over (and order the same darn thing every time too) so I’m making it a goal to branch out and see my city through the eyes of a tourist.

And just in case you need an outfit to tour around in, I have linked my favorite weekend outfit for you! These slip on shoes are my absolute favorite. They are so comfortable and perfect for walking around in! Of course I never leave the house without a big ol’ bag to dump everything in. And the jacket, shorts, and peplum top are soft and cozy enough to convince me to step out of my yoga pants for a little while. 😉

Hope you all had a wonderful, long weekend!