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There’s a rather large collection of high heels stacked up in my closet that I’ll probably never wear again unless by some miracle. Now that I think of it, I have a pretty big collection of wedges too that go mostly untouched. When I found out arthritis had decided to stake its claim in my ankle, my shoe wardrobe seem to be a little useless. I’ve traded high heels for Nikes, but have recently developed a love for slides and slip ons. They are so simple and seem to suit my casual style while pulling my outfit together a little better than my trusty Nikes. Not to mention they are absolutely perfect for this time of year! Hear me out…

You know that awkward period of time between summer and fall where you want to wear all things flannel and boots, but it’s just not that cold out yet? Slides have been my solution! They get you out of your flip flops, but postpone the bootie stage until the weather permits. Out of my love for these shoes, I have put together a list of all of my favorite slides. So before you start filling your closet with cute booties, slip into some slides if you’re looking to combine comfort and style.

Here is a List of my favorites. As usual, just click on the photo to shop!

Slip ons


Slides with Support

Hope you found something you like! Thanks so much for stopping by and following along.






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