Isn’t fall such a festive time of year? Halloween has come and gone which means we are heading straight into the holiday season. I know what you’re thinking… CHRISTMAS IS COMING! But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s not forget about Thanksgiving… and fall in general! I recently had a few friends over for a dinner party, so I took the liberty of creating a festive fall tablescape. Today I’m sharing all of my dining table essentials with you. All of these items would be great for Thanksgiving dinner or even upcoming Christmas parties! Here are my top tips for styling your table to perfection.


1. Invest in a Quality Dining Set

Let’s face it. You spend lots of time at the dining table, why not enjoy your meals on one you love? Ours is from West Elm and comes in a large and smaller size. Our chairs are a total steal of a deal and compliment so many different table styles. Here are a few of my other favorite dining table combos.

2. Pair Pretty Florals With Eye-Catching Vases

I went with eucalyptus, mums, and white roses. This is my version of a modern, fall color scheme! Throw it all together in a pretty vase and your friends will be convinced that you’re a legit florist.

3. Lighten Things up with Gorgeous Linens

This white runner is from Pottery Barn. Talk about timeless and perfect for every season! I’m also a huge fan of linen placements and tablecloths. They are all a prefect way to add depth and texture to your tablescape.

4. Get Fancy With Your Flatware

My advice? Leave your everyday flatware right where it is… in the drawer! Opt for a more festive and fancy version. There are so many pretty options that will make your friends feel like they’re dining with royalty. I swear food tastes better when I’m eating it with our gold flatware! (Side note: I recently packed one of our golden spoons in my lunch for work. My students caught one glimpse of it, and they’re convinced I’m the richest teacher alive! Ha!)

5. Dare to be Different With Your Dinnerware

Who needs glass cups when you can drink from a Moscow mule mug? These mugs add such flare to the tablescape and help tie in the flatware and florals. Our plates are from Pottery Barn and have a very crafted and original look about them. They almost look and feel as if they were made by a local artisan!

Not sure what to wear? Here’s what I wore!

I’m so excited for the upcoming holidays and can’t wait to throw another dinner party just so I can decorate the table again. Anyone else think that’s the best part?! Well, enjoying dinner with some of my favorite friends isn’t so bad either 😉 My final suggestion? When your friends offer to help you clean up the dishes afterward… LET THEM. My sweet friends saved my booty hours worth of cleanup. It was a lot faster and more enjoyable doing cleanup together!

Have a great rest of your week. Make sure you message me photos of your pretty tablescapes this holiday season! I want to see them all! 🙂